new blog

I have been gone for a long time, but I want to write again. I need to write again.

But I no longer feel that this blog is the appropriate space in which to do that. We grow, we change. I haven’t written consistently in years and my soul hurts.

You can now follow me at vital necessity. No promises on quality while I work to (re)discover my voice, but I have missed you and I will be glad to have you join me in this new chapter.

I missed you. I miss me.


And you laughed,

And every yellow rose bloomed

for your shimmering brown eyes.

summer child

On the rare mornings the fog clears

and my mind is free,

the mirror reminds me of

exuberant water balloon fights

and the red Sun warm against my eyelids

and through my golden salty skin,

drying from afternoon showers,

and of fireflies whispering brightly

and so desperately

to one another

and to me

as the night drops slowly, again.